You Dream It, We Do It In Concrete!

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Barnstom Theater at The Villages in Central Florida where the concrete was designed to look over 100 years old.
Barnstorm Theater

Concrete is not just made for walking, it can actually touch your soul … pun intended.  David Edwards, who has a veteran team of experienced concrete artisans at Edwards Concrete Bomanite, says, “If you dream it up we can find a way to put it in concrete.”  A perfect example of their imaginative craftsmanship is the Brownwood Towne Center in The Villages in Central Florida.  The dream and challenge they embraced and accomplished was to create a setting that felt like it had been there for over 100 years.  A major player in the design of The Villages, Michael Pape, of Michael Pape & Associates, says, “They still understand true artisan-ship in concrete effects and finishes, and they share a wealth of knowledge and experience by partnering with the design team to make special projects come to life.”  Edwards say, “They kind of give me something to go on, and they’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor. Like at Brownwood (The Villages) — they give us the setting and the concept, in that case a Florida cracker town, and tell us they want the concrete to look like a dirt paddock. That’s kind of how those things evolve, with meetings. Often I will come up with the ideas, and they (Edwards Concrete’s professionals) have the artistic abilities to put it into reality.”

Some dreams are out of this world.  “One time NASA called us, 15 to 17 years ago, and asked, could we make concrete look like the surface of the moon? Our office found a photo taken from a spaceship that landed there, one of our guys went to the store and used Tupperware to make craters, and we showed them a 3-by-3 sample,” Edwards stated. “And from that point on we placed and finished a lot of concrete for NASA.”

Challenges are part of the company culture for Edwards Concrete Bomanite.  David Edwards says, “If it’s something easy that anyone can do, it’s not an Edwards concrete job.”  Stunning, beautiful, decorative concrete has one other advantage.  It is far more entertaining for both the installer-creators as well as for the customer.  After all, it is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Oh wait … it is the other way around!


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